Welcome to Anatomy Personal Training

One-to-one Personal Training is quite simply the safest and quickest means of achieving the results you’re looking for.  Our state-of-the-art personal training center in Chester is second to none, where you will be able to exercise with the entire facility to yourself with highly experienced personal trainers and physiotherapists.

We will not only design and develop a unique fitness programme suited to your own particular needs, but will also assist you with preparing a complementary dietary programme, and keep you motivated and focused on achieving the goals we set together. Getting you into shape becomes a team effort.

When you purchase one of our packages your programme will start with a free introductory session so we can determine your current fitness levels, calculate your body fat percentage and set all your fitness goals.  As your programme advances, our job is to monitor your progress and adapt your programme as we achieve incremental goals along your path to health and fitness.

Whether you’re looking for general fitness, to lose weight, put on weight, recover from injuries or prepare for sports competitions,Anatomy can design a fully optimized programme specifically designed to achieve your personal goals in the shortest possible time, based upon your age, weight, sex, health and current fitness.

The team’s qualifications mean that we can provide a Personal Training programme tailored to your individual requirements, taking into account any injuries, providing psychological motivation as well as offering advice on nutrition helping you to meet your overall goal. There is no need to be a member of a gym as all exercises can be carried out in your own home if necessary with the equipment provided during the course and sessions, this way there is no excuses!


Packages start from as little as £20 a session on our off peak programme (10am-4pm), or if you need early morning and evening sessions its £300 for a block of 10 sessions, plus the free introductory session of course!  Our personal trainers in Chester occasionally put out further special offers so remember to check our monthly newsletters.



*results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed outside of a controlled plan*