Blog 3 – w/c Monday 30th June

This week I’ve still managed my two mile walk on most days. I’m starting to feel the need to slow down as I enter the third trimester and find myself growing larger. A back, neck and shoulder massage helped greatly from Kate at the Chester branch, but I’m still feeling quite a few aches and pains as most pregnant people do.

This week I’ve given a lot of thought to running the marathon next year. There is also a lot of mental preparation that goes into running as well as the physical exertion – 26 miles is a long way! There is no kidding the body that it’s just a short trip around the block, the mind must be prepared for the long and mental battle that a marathon brings. The last two long races I did back in 2007 I approached very differently. The 20 miles I ran in 2hours 15minutes, I broke down into two mile segments, which mentally worked wonders for me.  With the marathon however, I was already plagued with injury and didn’t approach it in such a positive way, which left me struggling towards the end. The mind wanders a lot when running, and focusing it really helps!  There are many different mental techniques all of which we can help you with here at Anatomy, and working out what went wrong in your last race is one of them!


Joe has been my personal trainer for 2 years now and I have to say I am glad I found him.  I have always struggled with my weight and always will.  I hated gyms as I felt so self conscious and uncomfortable in them and looked for a personal trainer to help me reach my goals and he sure did that. Within 1 year I had dropped over 4stone of weight and gained some muscle.  Each session with Joe was enjoyable but also hard work.  I didn’t want a trainer that screams at you I wanted someone who was encouraging but firm when needed to be.  Unfortunately I am no longer living in the area and I am truly missing my sessions. i haven’t been able to find a trainer in my new area that suits me like Joe did.


Blog 2 – w/c Monday 23rd June

This week, I’m starting to feel like the size of house. That said, I still managed my 2 mile walk each day and swimming on Tuesday.  I’ve managed to eat healthily all week, making sure I have at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  I’m starting to find it difficult to eat big meals so by making them smaller and adding in healthy snacks I’m making sure me and the baby get the right nutritional intake.  My mid morning snack has become mixed berries and yogurt giving me at least two portions of fruit added into my diet, as well as it being a good source of antioxidants.

I’ve also been experiencing bad headaches again this week.  This is something I normally suffer with but with the hormones and the heat they have been out of control again!  As medication is limited, I saw Tina the acupuncturist in our Manchester branch.  With a few needles in my face, arms and feet she managed to clear the constant banging feeling in my head after 20 minutes. It doesn’t work this quickly for most people, a few sessions is always needed, but it is an amazing alternative to western medicine with some brilliant non-contraindicated results in pregnancy.

I’ve been training with Joe for nearly a year now, and I’m super happy with the results.

I thought I was pretty fit to start with, but I was definitely a bit lazy and having someone to push me has led to huge gains in terms of fitness. My body shape has changed; I’m stronger and very toned, and even though it’s been hard work it’s been fun too.

Training in a private gym has been really good for me, I always hated having PT sessions in a regular gym.  Because there’s nobody watching me I’ve had the confidence to try new things and not worry about falling over, looking a fool or being a sweaty mess. If you want PT sessions but the thought of sweating in front of a gym full of people puts you off, definitely give Joe a try.

Oh and although walking lunges are disgusting I have no cellulite for the first time in my life.  I think that’s worth mentioning!

I’d definitely recommend Joe.  He really knows his stuff and he gets results.


I am delighted to recommend Joe as a personal trainer. Without the use of horrendous machines in stereotypical gyms I am now fitter and stronger than I have ever been – thanks to him. His workouts are always challenging me to get out of my comfort zone and continue to have a great physical effect/improvement really quickly. He’s made me realise that “I can” as opposed to “I can’t”. The realisation of “I can” carries across to my everyday life – I now choose the toughest route because I know I can and because I know that it pays dividends. I have tried other gyms in Chester – Anatomy is by far the best.




Blog 1 – w/c Monday 16th June

Well, I’m guessing I started this blog at a silly time, right after my holiday. The first holiday for 3 years that is.  Apart from eating half a stone of pancakes (they were for the baby honest) I still managed to walk most days trying to get my 30 minutes of exercise in – the amount they recommend during pregnancy.  I’ve been suffering with very painful thighs and some sciatic back pain.  After a couple of sessions of gentle mobilisation and soft tissue massage from the girls at Anatomy I was able to sleep much better.  Its recommended that you don’t sleep on your back but on your side, but so far the extra two stone I’ve put on doesn’t quite agree to sleeping on my side for very long, but the massages definitely helped.

Since returning from holiday I’ve been walking two miles a day at a steady pace.  It’s a mixture of trying to keep fit, balanced with not over doing it, especially in this heat.  All contact sport and impact sport is out so trying to find something gentle, fun and that leaves you slightly out of breath is quite hard (I’m not a yoga type of person).  Swimming is a great exercise, I tried it on Tuesday however I found it quite hard to stretch out and I ended up sinking!  They do many Aqua-natal aerobic classes around my area, next week I intend to try this.  As for my marathon choice, I’m looking to you for ideas?  I’m thinking Berlin in 2015.  What would you suggest?


Marathon preparation

It’s a little known fact Jennie, Joe’s wife and owner of Anatomy, used to be a good runner in her own right before the days of children and managing Anatomy.  Well those days are about to return!

Even though she is 23 weeks pregnant at the moment, and eating a vast amount of cake, she is already planning her return to fitness to help not only her own health and well-being but also help others of you out there get back to fitness after prolonged periods of a relatively sedentary lifestyle.

Each week Jennie will provide you with some help and advice about fitness and about her progress, obviously in the mean time she wont be exercising heavily but the preparation for race planning and training plans can start to make sure she is prepared once the baby has arrived.