Here at our Chester branch of Anatomy, we take personal training very seriously.  Our studio means its just you and the personal trainer, with no on-lookers.  Your work out will be in private and you will have the whole gym to yourself.  So if childcare is a problem, it isn’t at Anatomy Chester as the gym is your own so you can bring them with you!

For personal training in Chester we are leading the industry and gone are the days of the normal gym environment.  You will see from all the weird and wonderful equipment within Anatomy Chester that we will be offering you all the latest functional training equipment and methods. These include FitKit Training, Kettle Bells, Viper and Power Bag training. All these can get you into top shape in record time.

Our personal trainers are not dressed head to toe in Lycra showing off their own physique, nor are they muscle bound body builders.  They are normal people who will not make you feel inferior or insecure, they only have your own personal interests at heart, and are extremely good at their jobs.

Our personal trainers can tailor your fitness programme to help you tone up, lose weight, increase strength, and meet any of your individual goals.  Here at Anatomy Chester we understand that everyone is different and we believe that with a bit of guidance, an individually tailored exercise programme, nutritional advice, and a welcoming environment, there is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve.  Meeting your goals is not difficult when you have the support of our personal trainers. Our team can help you make a difference to your body shape, weight loss, your overall health and ultimately help increase your confidence and outlook on life.

We know your time is precious, so we want you to make the most of your personal training session.  By using functional pieces of equipment we can make your work out much more time effective by working multiple muscle groups , giving you that full body work out.

When you purchase one of our personal training  packages in Chester your programme will start with a free introductory session.  This is so we can determine your current fitness levels, calculate your body fat percentage and set all your fitness goals.  As your programme advances, our job is to monitor your progress and adapt your programme as we achieve incremental goals along your path to health and fitness.  Packages start from as little as £20 a sessions on our off-peak programme, or if you need early morning and evening sessions its £300 for a block of 10 sessions, plus the free introductory session of course!  Our personal trainers in Chester occasionally put out further special offers so remember to check our monthly newsletters.

There is nowhere else for personal training in Chester like it so why not pop down and see what we have to offer.