Joe Lloyd

Joe is the head Personal Trainer in both Chester and Manchester. He has been in the fitness industry for almost 22 years, following completing a Sports Science degree at Gloucestershire University and completing all his formal fitness qualifications. Since then he worked his way from a basic fitness instructor up to a general manager of a big health club and has work for a number of the large well know leisure clubs.

Joe’s own sporting back ground is that of a track athlete, sprinting over distances of 100m – 400m Hurdles, which has taken up a large part of his adult life, having spent 3 years as a full time athlete training twice a day 6 days a week. His greatest achievements were later on in his career where he won the World, European and three British 400m Hurdles titles in the Masters age group of M35. Earlier in his career however he was ranked as highly as 11th in the world as a 16 year old and also won 5 Welsh titles as well as representing Wales on 52 different occasions.

He has recently started again after 3 years out of training or racing, and in his first races back won gold and bronze at the recent Northern Masters Championships and is aiming for medals at the British Champs later this year.

Away from the track Joe also helped in the invention and development of a new training device called the FKPro, a product that has now gone global and is now being used by a wide range of people from top class footballers, rugby players, triathletes and even F1 drivers as well as physiotherapists with rehab patients and people who are just looking for something different to help improve their fitness or help with weight loss.  This is something that he believes in 100% and knows from experience, his own and that of a large number of clients, that everyone who uses it will improve by using this equipment alongside other training equipment.

He has always been a perfectionist and strives for excellence in his own training and racing as well as his clients and will drive and push you just as hard to ensure you get the best out of yourselves. He enjoys working with all fitness levels, from the complete beginner to the advanced athlete. He has helped a wide variety of people over the years – from a bride who wanted to (and did!) lose 8 stone before her wedding day to an England World Cup Winning Rugby player.

Joe is passionate about fitness and loves being in the gym helping people.   But with him now working alongside sports rehabilitators and physiotherapists he feels this gives him an even greater ability to help people get back in shape after injury as well as helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

Joe believes that if you want to achieve your goals and you truly believe in yourself and are passionate about getting there, anything is achievable. Joe can help with toning, weight loss, muscle gain, sports specific training, functional training, strength training and anything else in between.