Nutritional Analysis

Not only is exercise important in weight loss, the rehabilitation of injuries and to improve sporting performance, so is nutrition. Vast improvements in performance can be made with a correct diet and hydration of the body.

A full dietary analysis of your existing food and drink intake is made using a 10 day food diary which spans two weekends. This is the best way to ascertain your average daily intake. Alongside this your daily exercise regime is also noted so your average calorie expenditure can be calculated.

A full body composition analysis is also undertaken. Body composition is a breakdown of how your body weight is actually made up. It is this balance of fat and lean tissue that’s important not weight. Using the Bodystat®1500, a whole body analysis is calculated for greater accuracy. The report is then included in your full nutritional analysis.

The information obtained from both the diary and the Bodystat®1500 enables an in-depth report to be produced based on the information provided. Recommendations are then provided to allow you to eat a healthy and balanced diet, tailored to your weight and exercise goals. This includes the timing and content of meals for optimal sporting performance. Food is broken down into its nutritional components allowing you make informed choices on what to eat and drink to provide the best nutrient dense foods for your body