Running / Athletics Coaching

The fitness team, here at Anatomy in Chester, are not only experts in competing in their sporting fields; they are also experts in training others to achieve their goals.

How often are you jogging down the road and someone zooms past making running look effortless and elegant? Or, you are playing Sunday morning football only to be left at the side line at half-time because your stamina isn’t just what it used to be? Well we can help you change this.

Whatever level you compete at, Anatomy can help you; from top class athletes through to Sunday morning joggers, we can provide you with the tools and techniques that make running and fitness easier, so you get to see the improvements you never thought possible.

At Anatomy, we can offer you one-to-one coaching to help improve your running technique, race times and performance for whatever your event is. Sessions are tailored to everyone’s individual needs and we start by looking at your walking and running gait, to ensure your running stride is as efficient as possible. This will help to develop specific strength and stamina exercises so you get the most from your stride, thus enabling you to reach new personal bests.

Athletic training will help improve your agility, endurance and overall exercise performance. We can provide you with drills and exercises to combine into your weekly routine and even come to your sessions to help with the finer points of coaching. After all, don’t we all want exercise to be as easy as possible?

Our head personal trainer is Chester is World and European 400 meter hurdles Masters Champion, so who better to help you with all your running and athletics coaching needs.